[solo exhibitions]

“Circle in red,” Komagome SOKO, Tokyo, Japan, 2021

“Borrowed.”  TS4312, Tokyo, Japan, 2020

“In Between”, Gallery IDEAL, Prague, Czech Republic, 2018

“Paintings + drawings + embroideries + a small performance” Galerie Bakterie, Jihlava, Czech Republic, 2017

“Setkání/Meetings”, Ukradená galerie, Prague, Czech Republic, 2016

Paintings and graphics in a cafe Mlynská, Prague, Czech Republic, 2016

[group exhibitions]

“Knit and Purl: From Oneself, around the Void and through it,” Ústí nad Labem House of Arts, Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic, 2022

“To be Umbrella for the World,” Talion Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 2022

Symposium/Workshop “Descendants of Fungi: NEUROPLASTICITY,” Orlické mountains, Czech Republic, 2021

“1GB,” Spiral hall, Tokyo, Japan, 2020

“The 13th I Award Selected Works Exhibition” Okayama City Museum, Okayama, Japan, 2020

“Future Ready” Kampus Hybernska, Prague, Czech Republic, 2018

“JINÉ MÍSTO / ANOTHER PLACE”, Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Czech Republic, 2018

“The 4th CAF award”, HILLSIDE TERRACE, Tokyo, Japan, 2017

 “Halfway, where”, The Grey Space in the Middle, the Hague, Netherlands, 2017

 “Š.A.L.O.U.N”, Šalounová villa, Prague, Czech Republic, 2017

“Black box”, GAVU, Prague, Czech Republic, 2016

“The Studio of Restoration Attempts”, Šalounová villa, Prague, Czech Republic, 2016

 ”bitva” gallery Uffo, Trtnov. Czech Republic, 2014

“viď!” Kroměříž, Czech Republic, 2013


“Circke in red” 駒込倉庫(東京、2021)

“かりてきた糸” TS4312(東京、2020)

”In Between”、IDEÁL prostor gallery(プラハ、チェコ、2018)

”Paintings + drawings + embroideries + a small performance”、Balterie gallery(イーフラバ、チェコ、2017)

”Setkání / Meetings”、Hiddern gallery(ミール広場・プラハ、チェコ、2016)

”Paintings and graphics”、cafe Mlynská(プラハ、チェコ、2016)


“Knit and Purl: From Oneself, around the Void and through it” Ústí nad Labem House of Arts(ウースチー・ナド・ラベム、チェコ、2022)

“いつかは世の中の傘” TALION GALLERY(東京、2022)

“Descendants of Fungi: NEUROPLASTICITY” (チェコ、2021)

“1GB” スパイラル ホール(東京、2020)

”第13回 I氏賞 選考作品展” 、岡山シティミュージアム(岡山、2020 )

”Future Ready”、Kampus Hybernska(プラハ、チェコ、2018)

“JINÉ MÍSTO / ANOTHER PLACE”(プラハ美術アカデミー、チェコ、 2018


”Halfway where”、grey gallery(デン・ハーグ、オランダ、2017)

”Š. A. L. O. U. N.”、シャロウン邸(プラハ、チェコ、2017)

”Black box”、GAVU(プラハ、チェコ、2016)

”The Studio of Restoration Attempts”、シャロウン邸(プラハ、チェコ、2016)

”bitva”、Gallery Uffo(トゥルトゥノフ、チェコ、2014)