Hladce obrace: od sebe sama, kolem prázdna a skrze něj

Group exhibition “Knit and Purl: From Oneself, around the Void and through it”

2.6.- 2.7.2022 at Ústí nad Labem House of Arts

Dominik Bek, Veronika Šrek Bromová, Seiko Hihara, Lukáš Hofmann, Markéta Kubíčková, Jan Matýsek, Jan Prošek, Marie Tučková

(Cz) https://duul.cz/hladce-obrace/

(En) https://duul.cz/en/knit-and-purl-from-oneself-around-the-void-and-through-it/

Photo by Filip Trubač

駒込倉庫 「Circle in red」記録冊子 販売

駒込倉庫「Circle in red」の記録冊子ができました。








翻訳:北川光恵(伊藤俊治『赤のサークル -日原聖子「Circle in red」に寄せて-』)

Workshop in Prague 17:00- 19:00, 5. 7. 2022

Workshop Kreslit křížky/Drawing squares【Zero Value xxx Nulová Hodnota】

17:00- 19:00, 5. 7. 2022

at Dům odpočinku/House of Rest, Studio ALTA

>>>> https://www.altart.cz/program/dum-odpocinku-⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯-house-of-rest/


Dvouhodinový workshop odpovídá na potřebu opustit (alespoň dočasně) zónu výkonu a účelnosti většiny našich aktivit a nabízí prostor pro obnovování vnitřní motivace skrz jednoduchou metodu kresby, která nevyžaduje žádné předchozí výtvarné zkušenosti a je otevřená všem.

Odpočinek nutně hraničí s aktivitou.
Nechť je touto aktivitou zakreslování křížků do mřížky papíru, opakovaně a uvolněně.
Ať je tato aktivita bez přívlastku, ať je prostředím, ve kterém se neděje nic mimo nás.
Ať naše vědomí osciluje kolem mřížky, ať se rozpouští v činnosti, u které neznáme její přesný účel.


The 2-hour workshop reflects the need to escape (temporarily at least) the result-and-purpose-oriented zone of our lifes. It also offers a space where we can examine our capacities to restore the inner motivation through a simple method of drawing, which does not require any previous artistic training and is open to all.

Rest is necessarily tied to activity.
May this activity be criss-crossing the grid of a paper, repeatedly and loosely.
May this activity be without an attribute, may it be a space where nothing is happening outside of our current experience.
Let’s make our mind to flow around the grid, let it dissolve in an activity which’s exact purpose we do not know.

Hana and Seiko have got in touch by their current need of cooperation and their mutual interest in creative process as a process of initiation, as a drive force of all interpersonal relations. They both keep testing the drawing as a tool and implementing different forms of participation. In this workshop they examine the power of a simple activity of criss-crossing the paper.

Looking like a distraction or an entertainment at first sight, this activity makes us face the spaces where „nothing happens“, where there is quite nothing to be found.
Isn’t it, by contrast, a possible root to our powers, the wellspring of our initiative, which blossoms regardless all external impulses, demands, and values? We propose a Zero value as a principle of our mind regeneration.

個展 | solo exhibitions in Tokyo 2021.10.30-11.21

Main visual: Akitsu Sekkei

(1F) Peripeteia | Shuntaro Yoshino 吉野俊太郎

(2F) Circle in red | Seiko Hihara 日原聖子



Cooperated with Nanaka Adachi, Junichiro Endo

助成:公益財団法人 小笠原敏晶記念財団

会場:駒込倉庫 Komagome SOKO https://www.komagomesoko.com/


現代芸術振興財団 インタビュー Artist #25


tanec 01 特集=チェコのこと | チェコの現代アート、contemporary Czech artists


「tanec 01 特集=チェコのこと」